The Training Programme of the DSLCS

The syllabi, i.e. the course descriptions of the lectures and the seminars, are compiled by the individual programmes and subprogrammes. The credit numbers of these course tuition offers are determined and at least two weeks before the beginning of each semester sent to the school secretary. The secretary assembles the programme offers, sees to it that they are made public in the Neptun system, in the school’s homepage, as well as in all the relevant points of activity. Credit points can be obtained from any of the courses announced and approved within the school; the plan of the assigned course package is jointly determined by the student of the doctoral school and the academic supervisor. In particular semesters the management of the DSLCS may oblige or recommend to all the participants the taking of a given basic course for credit; this normally happens in those cases when general literary theory or textological courses are offered that are applicable for a large variety of thematic options.

The DSLCS students who are scholarship holders are likely to be assigned teaching obligations as part of their practical training. These are determined by the supervisor. In particular (for instance, disputed) cases the decision is the programme leader’s responsibility.

The fulfillment of research activity is normally endorsed by the supervisor but in certain cases – such as scholarship organisation – a core member commissioning the student with the task may by the person authorized to sign.

The DSLCS holds it desirable that its students should be involved in study abroad programmes, participate in conferences or in study tours. To make these possible, the school is ready to provide all moral support (such as letters of recommendation, scholarship information, etc.), however, as regards financial support, the options may be limited: the school is able to give help – primarily in the case of conference lectures – only depending on the possibilities of the budget. The DSLCS accepts and recognizes credits obtained and documented in study abroad programmes.

In educational matters the heads of the programmes, the dissertation supervisors and the secretary of the school are equally at the disposal of the students.

The DSLCS’s detailed educational programme of the school is contained in the institution’s Educational Plan.

Updated: 2020.09.07.

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